My name is Sam; I am the founder and creator for Liberty Loves UK Ltd and now Liberty Loves Australia Pty. Ltd

We have been making Raw, Vegan, Gluten free and refined sugar treats for 6.5 years in the UK - supplying over 120+ health food stores, cafes and handpicked stores, as well as FBA Amazon and artisan producer selling sites.

I feel COVID has reminded us all what is important in life and my daughter and I always wanted to move back to Queensland - she was born in Nambour hospital 2010.

So we made the leap of faith and arrived 2 October 2020.

So a year later - we now supply over 30 stores, are talking to a couple of distributors to get our award winning products out there for everyone to eat (because everyone deserves great food....)  and are looking to start selling on Amazon.com.au shortly - watch this space

Our future goals include supplying to the food service industry so it doesn't matter if you are in a coffee shop, restaurant or hotel you should be able to have a choice and enjoy what you are eating without worrying about cross contamination.

Hope you enjoy our journey - its been a long time coming - but I feel I'm back home :)

Thank you for taking the time to read about us... 


The longer version - if you have a cuppa ready...

After becoming a single parent, I decided I wanted a job where I could spend as much time as possible with my then six-month old daughter Liberty but still do something I love. Baking was an obvious choice, so I started trading at Greenwich Market, London in late 2013 with a range of six flavours of dark chocolate brownies. I moved to Somerset in January 2014 and within six weeks traded at my first farmers’ market with Somerset Farmers’ Markets. With my daughter in pre-school, I embraced farmers’ markets across Somerset and Dorset and quickly realised there was a demand for gluten-free cakes that didn’t taste like cardboard!

For the first 3 years, I traded as ‘Liberty Cakes’ but quickly recognized the ever-increasing demand from customers wishing to make healthier choices yet still enjoy indulgent treats. In response, I developed my product range to be much more than cakes with everything now Raw, Vegan and refined sugar free, including a range of delicious nut butters.

To better reflect the broader appeal of my range, I re-branded as ‘Liberty Loves’ in 2017 and in February 2019 we went to Liberty Loves UK Ltd.

Since April 2016 we have had to upgrade our kitchens every 18months as we keep outgrowing them!! January 2019, our last move was to two large kitchens (still being able to keep our nut free zone!) so lots more room to grow and expand..

I’m proud of our range that can be enjoyed by vegans, coeliacs, diabetics and anyone wishing to enjoy delicious, raw and natural products without sacrificing taste and goodness. Our fantastic team fulfils orders from our growing customer base currently supplying over 100 cafes, health food stores, garden centres & farm shops across the country on a daily basis.