Just getting in touch to say how amazing your little tarts are - we buy them occasionally as a real treat from the lovely team in Naturalife in Dorchester and get a takeaway drink with them (instead of going for coffee) - have tried them all and the girls sometimes even make them last two or three days as they are so rich and lovely - our favourite is the raspberry one so I bought a jar of the little raspberry tarts for Immi's 16th Birthday today and her face lit up when she saw them! - so I have bought a jar of orange ones for my parents for Christmas and ordered another raspberry one to save for when we need cheering up in January, they are so beautifully presented and such a lovely idea!)

Email - Nov19

There are some days where something sweet and chocolatey is needed…. At least this is healthy so I don’t have to feel guilty for devouring it – delicious raw fruit and nut snack, would totally recommend them!

– Instagram Aug19

These are my favourite @shrewsburyherbarium, my favourite is the pecan pie

– Instagram Aug19

Thank you – I was in Malmesbury this weekend visiting family and my sister in law had bought me one of your chocolate tarts. I am so pleased that she did. It is incredibly difficult to find a gluten and lactose free product that doesn’t taste awful and isn’t packed with sugar, oils and other nasties! So a big thank you to you for making such a wonderful product (clearly made with love and that’s why it tastes lovely😊 ) I’ve just told my friend about you for her coeliac daughter.

– EMAIL Jun19

 That's very kind of you, you are a very nice and kind lady.. keep up the great work.. Thank you very much 🙏 what an amazing idea to create an advent calendar jars.. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I wonder, if the jars will manage to stay untouched for another month.. most likely no.. Probably I will have to make another order later on..

Email - Oct19

 I just wanted to let you know how delicious your tarts are! I am dairy and egg intolerant and my friend and colleague is GF and DF (much more sensitive than me) so when I saw the millionaire and raspberry tarts in a local shop, I snapped them up to try. We are delighted that they’re so delicious and actually a real treat instead of a poor reminiscence of things that we used to be able to eat.
Thank you, we will definitely be enjoying more of these going forward :L)

Email - Sept19

Love LOVE these tarts… found them at Olympia London @allergyfreefromshow

– Instagram Jul19

Lovely lil dessert I had the other night – first time having a raw tart and it was so lovely and rich !

– Instagram Jun19

Thank you – Thank you for allowing us to order from you directly and for accommodating us. I think my husband Jason told you how much we rave your products. We buy them and give them to friends all over the place. Last year I took two to Kim Constable the sculpted vegan (she’s a vegan body builder on Instagram) for after her body building show and she loved them. We have taken them to Barbados and Scotland and it’s our treat for ourselves.

– EMAIL Jun19

Millionaires chocolate tart from Liberty Loves arrived today. It was absolutely delicious 😊

– Instagram Jun19

Thanks so much for our amazing tarts, they are our total favourites!!!!


These vegan raw tarts are literally sooo addictive!

– Instagram May19

I picked up this little ‘snickerOodle’ on my way back from Cornwall. It was vegan, raw and gluten free and also super yummy 😊 I would definitely recommend these as a little treat and wish I got one in each flavour!

– Instagram May19

We just found – in Blandford – and fell in love with your cakes. The raw chocolate orange tart was so divine we ate it in the car going home!
My husband who is a Green Tea addict has been wowed with the raw matcha green tea and ginger cookie.

– Instagram April19

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say Thank You for sorting me out before Christmas with some tarts and biscotti for my son-in-law who is lactose intolerant. The selection went down extremely well and he was impressed that they were made in the village !

– Email Jan19

Raw vegan biscotti – great with a coconut milk turmeric latte

– Email Jan19