Sharing Chocolate Orange Tart

Sharing Chocolate Orange Tart

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These are fabulous for parties, weddings or just a family get together.

Everyone can enjoy great cake and not worry about allergies or preferences.

16 large slices - can be served with a cuppa or dress it up with ice cream!

 Must be kept refrigerated or frozen for best results

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We believe that living a raw plant based diet should not limit your choice to have great tasting treats. By using raw, vegan, gluten free and refined sugar ingredients we can share with you great products. Its up to you where you share with friends or not!! At Liberty Loves we feel it is important to use the best ingredients we can, sourcing organic ingredients at least 95% of the time. We believe that by using simple, great ingredients (we aim at 5 main ingredients plus flavours)
Chocolate Orange Coconut Oil, Brown Rice Malt Syrup, Raw Cocoa Powder, Dates, Quinoa, Orange Zest